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Welcome to Broearn Developer! We're excited to support you on your development journey. Please follow the steps below to get started with Broearn platform:

Platform Introduction

Product features

Quick shelf: Support Android quick shelf, shorten shelf time, save development costs, and make your application faster to market.

No need for review: Skip the lengthy review process of the app store, not be restricted by third-party content, and solve the problem of apps being unable to be listed or difficult to list.

Global coverage: multilingual adaptation, covering 200 countries and regions around the world, to meet your different traffic needs.

High-quality traffic pool: The landing page advertising user pool is 6 times that of the application advertising user pool. With landing page media buying, the traffic pool is larger and the customer acquisition cost is reduced.

Traceable: Support customized event reporting, all-round tracking distribution effect.

Broearn Developer User Guide

Welcome to Broearn Developer! We're excited to support you on your development journey. Please follow the steps below to get started with Broearn platform:

Register and log in

There are two registration methods available: QR code registration and account/password registration. Please follow the steps below:

QR Code Registration:

  • Use the Broearn mobile app or Broearn desktop extension program.

  • Scan the QR code displayed above using the Broearn app or Broearn desktop extension.

Account/Password Registration:

  • Enter your commonly used email, password, and contact information.

  • Check your email inbox for a verification email.

  • Click on the link in the email to verify and complete the registration process successfully.

Register with your email address as your Dapp Developers account name. Your account and password will be encrypted and stored on the server. It is recommended that you keep your password information safe to prevent your account from being stolen by others. When registering, you can choose to fill in your contact information so that we can contact you and provide you with services and consultation on Dapp Developers platform. Fill in your account, password, and Google verification code correctly to log in to the Dapp Developers system.

Create Dapp

Submit Dapp

  • Log in to the platform, enter "My Dapp", click on the upper right corner [Create Dapp], fill in the relevant information to create a new Dapp.

  • Fill in the Dapp name, Dapp icon, Dapp introduction, URL, access network, Dapp classification, applicable area and other information as required, and submit it for review to enter the review status.

Dapp moderation

  • Dapp review will be completed within 1-2 working days.

  • After passing the review, the platform will generate three types of promotion links based on your Dapp information, which developers can choose by themselves.

  • Review failed. Please adjust according to the reason for the failure and resubmit for review.

Create Promotion Campaign

Use Broearn information to create an ad serving account

First, you need to use the above information to open an account on the Facebook advertising platform (subject to what you see on your own platform page)

Click Create Promotion Link to enter the promotion link creation page. The same Dapp supports creating multiple promotion links.

  1. Broearn official information: including Facebook App ID, Google Play download address, easy for you to quickly process or bind media delivery.

  2. Media placement: Select media placement, support Facebook, Google Ads, Kwai, TikTok and other media. We take Facebook as an example to introduce the following process.

  3. Facebook Ad ID: After selecting Facebook media, due to the requirements of Facebook media delivery, the advertiser and the application need to bind in both directions, so you need to fill in your Facebook Ad ID to bind. The binding result will be displayed in the promotion link list.

    1. Once the binding is successful, you can start advertising.

    2. If the binding fails, you need to resubmit your Facebook Ad ID or contact customer service to inquire about the reason for the failure.

  4. Landing page: The default is Dapp Link URL, you can manually modify the landing page address. In order to distinguish different promotional links, we will add a lid field after your landing page URL to facilitate identification and tracking of landing page Advertising Effect. For example: if your landing page URL is www.broearn.com, the corresponding generated landing page URL is www.broearn.com /? lid = 1.

  5. Event reporting method: We provide two ways of Pixel tracking (recommended) and JS-SDK integration (need offline docking).

    1. Pixel Tracking (Recommended - No Development Required)

      1. On the Create Promotion Link page, fill in the Pixel tracking information. The Pixel information will be displayed in the generated promotion link, and the landing page URL will also have pixel information, which can be used for postback or reporting.

      2. Pixel information naming supports customization. Please fill in the Pixel ID information accurately to avoid inaccurate data postback.

After all the information is submitted, the promotion link can be generated.

We automatically generate two types of promotion links based on the landing page information you fill in, namely Google play links (recommended) and deep links . Developers can choose according to different promotion scenarios.

  • Google play link:

    • Google Play Store link with exclusive Dapp parameters. After users click it, they will be redirected to the Google Play Store to download and install Broearn. After installation, the Dapp Mini Program will be opened every time the application is launched.

    • Reference link format: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.broearn.browser&referrer=broearn_content=NWJCaDhKam5JTFpEMHZIZ1E5dGZtVGlHbmd6MUxKNDVQZmtUanlNS2E3akpUS21ZdXBONkNCZG5BMGs4endnemlhRXNWN2xQUlNnRGFhRWt0NS91cVdtMnVucjN4cUdvZjZORVNZb1MwZjM1cGtJRnBXdHBuME1MV1ZBeUtMRkdmZU5NbUtKcGxlMXQzdz09&encode_flag=1&pixel_fb=123456789012345

    • Usage scenario: This link can be directly used for promotion and delivery on ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads. After installation, opening it will be your Dapp Mini Program. The process is as follows:

      • Developer Workflow

        1. Register and Login Dapp Developers Platform

        2. Submit your Dapp and pass the review process

        3. Fill in event reporting information (pixel or JS-SDK)

        4. Automatically generate Dapp promotion links Copy and start advertising with just one click

      • User Workflow

        1. Click on a web advertisement (Facebook, TikTok, etc.)

        2. Open Google Play and download/install the Broearn browser

        3. Launch Broearn after installation and automatically open the Dapp mini-program

        4. Report in-app events for precise optimization

  • Deep link:

    • Deep linking with independent Dapp parameters, supporting users who have installed Broearn to quickly start and automatically launch the Dapp Mini Program.

    • Reference link format:broearn://dapp?url=https://game.broearn.com?cid=Developer430&lid=1&pixel_fb=123456789012345

    • Usage scenario: After binding your Facebook Ad ID with Broearn, you can deliver through deep links in the Facebook backend.

Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard feature provides you with essential operational data and visualizations to assist in product data analysis and decision-making. Here's an overview of the key functionalities available:

  • Basic Operational Data:

    • Gain insights into key metrics such as total users, active users, sessions, and more.

    • Track and monitor important performance indicators related to your product.

  • Real-time Users:

    • View the real-time user count, allowing you to see the current number of active users engaging with your product.

    • Monitor user activity and engagement patterns as they occur.

  • User Trends Chart:

    • Visualize user trends over time with a graphical representation.

    • Identify patterns, peaks, and valleys in user activity to understand user behavior and make informed decisions.

  • User Retention Chart:

    • Analyze user retention rates and visualize how many users return to your product over a specified period.

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies in retaining users and identify areas for improvement.

  • User Distribution Map:

    • Explore the geographic distribution of your user base on an interactive map.

    • Understand where your users are located and identify potential target regions for marketing and expansion efforts.

The Data Dashboard empowers you with valuable insights into your product's performance and user behavior. Leverage these tools to make data-driven decisions and optimize your product's success.

Team Management

The Team Management feature allows you to efficiently manage and collaborate with your team members. Here's an overview of the key functionalities within this feature:

  1. Inviting Team Members:

    • Invite team members by entering their email addresses.

    • The invited individuals will receive an invitation email and can join your team by following the instructions in the email.

  2. Team Member Management:

    • Assign team roles to your members, defining their responsibilities and access levels.

    • Enable/disable team members' permissions as needed.

    • Remove team members from your team if necessary.

    • View basic information about team members, such as their names and contact details.

  3. Role and Permission Management:

    • Create multiple roles within your team, each with different functional and data access permissions.

    • Customize the permissions granted to each role, allowing for flexible allocation of team roles.

    • Assign specific functionalities and data privileges to each role based on their respective responsibilities.

With the Team Management feature, you can effectively organize your team, allocate roles and permissions, and facilitate collaboration within your project. This functionality ensures efficient teamwork and streamlined access control for enhanced productivity.

Advertising Report

The Ad Campaign Report feature provides you with comprehensive data and statistics related to your advertising campaigns, specifically data sourced from Facebook. This report assists in analyzing and making data-driven decisions for your ad campaigns. Here are the key metrics included in the report:

  1. Ad Spend:

    • Displays the total amount spent on your ad campaigns during a specific period.

    • Helps you track your advertising budget and expenses.

  2. Exposure:

    • Shows the number of times your ads were shown or viewed by users.

    • Provides insights into the reach and visibility of your ad campaigns.

  3. Ad Clicks:

    • Indicates the number of clicks your ads received from users.

    • Measures user engagement and interest in your ads.

  4. CTR (Click-Through Rate):

    • Calculates the percentage of users who clicked on your ads after viewing them.

    • Helps assess the effectiveness and relevance of your ad content.

  5. CPC ($) (Cost Per Click):

    • Represents the average cost incurred for each click on your ads.

    • Assists in evaluating the efficiency of your ad spending and campaign performance.

  6. CPM (S) (Cost Per Mille):

    • Reflects the cost per 1,000 impressions of your ads.

    • Enables you to compare costs across different ad campaigns and advertising channels.

  7. Install:

    • Tracks the number of app installations resulting from your ad campaigns.

    • Allows you to measure the success of your ads in driving user installations.

The Ad Campaign Report provides you with valuable data for analyzing the performance and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns on Facebook. Utilize these statistics to optimize your ad strategies and make informed decisions to achieve your campaign objectives.

User Analysis

The User Analysis feature provides you with insights into your users' behaviors and activities, including their recent interactions, detailed information, user dynamics, user journey, and more. Specifically, the User Journey can be based on the event tracking associated with the creation of advertising campaign links. Here's how it works:

If you encounter any issues during the development process or need further assistance, refer to the support documentation available on the Broearn Developer Platform or reach out to our developer support team.

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